September 6, 2017

Frame Designs – Multi-Span

Most Common Roof Pitches from 1:12 to 6:12

Roof Slopes: Optional custom building (1/4:12:12 in any increments are available upon request)
Bay Sizes: Custom buildings available from 10′ thru 30′ in any increment with standard purlins and in any combination are also available on request.
Design Loads: Custom building wind load – 30mph up to 100mph auxiliart load-cranes, mezzanine or other concentrated loads.
Roof Panels: Custom building alternative: standard seam roof system.  Various other gauges available upon request.

Rockford™ Steel Building Systems: Frame Designs


Multi-span with interior supports for wide buildings can save up to 47% on frame weights versus clear span structures and are able to support structural configurations such as space-making mezzanines.  We can help you design a building with interior columns at any spacing of optimal cost savings.